Is Chaffhaye too expensive?

Absolutely not. Chaffhaye is nearly twice as nutritious as “good quality” hay, and therefore, the amount of grain and expensive supplements can be significantly reduced. Chaffhaye is conveniently compressed down 2:1, leading to reduced storage and transportation cost. Chaffhaye addresses common ailments that horses and other animals suffer, including digestive disorders such as colic and impactions, respiratory ailments due to air-borne dust and mold spores and other immune system disorders. Chaffhaye is particularly cost effective when offered to finicky eaters such as certain horses and goats that often sort out delicious leaves from the stems. With Chaffhaye, even finicky eaters will eat 100% of this soft-textured forage, substantially reducing wasted feed. For these reasons, we consider it far too costly not to use Chaffhaye in place of dried hay.