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Pivotal Feeds offers a range of equine products designed to promote your horse's overall health and well-being. Our focus is on providing thoughtfully-sourced, American grown ingredients to ensure your horse receives the premium nutrition they deserve.

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Power+: I have an active barrel horse, and since it’s the “off” season from competition, we’re currently in a conditioning schedule to prepare for the upcoming show season. I was considering putting my mare on an amino acid supplement, lo and behold this shows up on Amazon Vine just at the right time. I’ve never heard of Pivotal Feeds, but who can deny free horse stuff? I’ve had my mare on it for about 3 weeks. She gobbles it up and gives her a slight boost in energy when I’m riding, which isn’t always a bad thing. Can’t wait to see how we perform once the shows start rolling in again!


Rejuvenate+: Rejuvenate+ worked really fast to combat the digestive issues my animal was having. I will always have a tube on hand!


K-9 Rejuvenate+ : My bulldogs were boarded for the first time for a couple of days. I was very excited to pick them up and get them back home. When I got home, I let them out in the yard and both of my bulldogs were violently ill with projectile diarrhea. It was horrible. Nothing I did worked to help the diarrhea stop. I was talking to a friend, and she said you must try K-9 Rejuvenate+ right away. She shared her pet’s story, and I was sold. I immediately ordered K-9 Rejuvenate+, it arrived super-fast. I followed the instructions and gave K-9 Rejuvenate+ to my bulldogs at dinner time. The next morning, I fed my bulldogs, let them out to potty and to my surprise, their poop back was normal! I was completely amazed how quickly and well it worked. I will always keep a tube of K-9 Rejuvenate+ on hand, and never travel without it with my pets. K-9 Rejuvenate+ is my go-to for my pet’s gut health!

Carrie Carney

Chaffhaye: We did a small "trial" comparing Chaffaye to high quality, dry alfalfa hay as the forage component of a ration for growing/finishing fall-born lambs. We tracked daily consumption and weighed lambs approximately every two weeks for six weeks. We saw a higher and more consistent average daily gain and better feed conversion in the lambs fed Chaffhaye. The product is easy to use and the lambs really like it.

Rosie Nold