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Chick'n Aid
for all ages of chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other poultry

About Pivotal Chick'n Aid


An avian specific probiotic blend with electrolytes and vitamins, Chick’n Aid is a complete hydration supplement for all ages and species of poultry. Chick’n Aid’s microencapsulated probiotics, electrolytes, and vitamins provide digestive and immune support along with valuable hydration for both hatchlings and mature chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other poultry.


How Chick'n Aid is made
How Chick'n Aid is made


Add 10 grams into a gallon of clean drinking water. The enclosed scoop measures 10 grams when full. Use mixture within 24 hours.


Store product in a clean, cool area below 70°F

The Aid advantage

Download the CHICK'N AID information sheet with the guaranteed analysis, ingredients, and other important information.

CHICK'N AID Info Sheet

Guaranteed Analysis

Chick'n Aid Guaranteed Analysis
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Chick'n Magnet
for chickens, ducks, turkeys, and all other species of poultry

About Pivotal Chick'n Magnet


Chick'n Magnet, made with Premium Cultured Alfalfa, is a Non-GMO and nutrient-dense supplement for chickens, ducks, turkeys, and all other species of poultry. Our alfalfa is grown in Far West Texas, which provides an arid climate that ensures our premium product has maximum digestibility and consistent nutrient quality for your poultry year-round. From our farm to your flock, we know this product will propel your poultry to the next level.


How Chick'n Magnet is made
Chick'n Magnet Feeds

"The use of naturally occurring probiotics is what sets us apart from our competitors."


Download the CHICK'N MAGNET information sheet with all the supplemental facts and other important information.

  • Chick'n Magnet also contains naturally occuring yeast that creates the probiotics that aid digestion by providing nutritional benefits, such as the production of B- vitamins necesary for metabolism.
  • Yeast enzymes and beneficial bacteria unlock valuable nutrition from the plant fiber and convert nutrients into a form that is usable and more readily absorbed.
From our farm to your flock

Cultured Alfalfa

Highly nutritious source of fiber that is high in protein and calcium.                    

Whole Mealworms

Rich in the protein and the fat, crude fiber vitamins and top-grade edible oils.

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

High levels of protein, Oil, Antioxidants and Vitamin E.                                                

The Magnet advantage

The Chick'n Magnet process utilizes cool lacto-cultivation to breakdown the phytic acid and protective enzymes, essentially "unlocking" the nutrition in the alfalfa and making every last bit available to your flock.

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Pivotal POWER+
Equine Amino Acids + Probiotics

About Pivotal Power+


Pivotal POWER+ for Equine Athletes is a dietary supplement blend of nine amino acids plus probiotics designed to improve the overall health and fitness of your active horse. All athletic horses undergo rigorous training programs to boost their performance over time. Feeding a daily supplement of high-quality amino acids can speed muscle tissue repair and increase muscle development. With POWER+, your horse will experience increased exercise capacity, quicker recovery after intense workouts and less soreness.

5 products in 1
Power+ Pivotal Feeds

"Our proprietary blend of equine amino acids plus probiotics for gut health is the ONLY combination of its kind on the market today."

POWER+ Brochure

Download the POWER+ Brochure with all the important information.

  • POWER+ also increases focus, promotes responsiveness, strengthens hooves, enhances skin and coat condition, supports bone and joint wellness and improves your horse’s immune and digestive systems.
  • This special blend of amino acids includes three essential amino acids: valine, leucine, and isoleucine. They are essential, meaning they can not be produced by your horse’s body and must be obtained from food and/or supplemented.


Pivotal Power+

Equine Performance

Results don't lie

Since incorporating Power+ into my feeding program, my performance horses have shown improvement in their muscle development, and I have fewer soreness issues. Their hooves are stronger and their coats are healthier. As an added bonus, they have less gastric issues when on the road. Whether at home or at a show, Power+ is an essential component of my horses’ diet.

-Darren Miller
AQHA World Champion NRCHA National Champion
Darren Miller
No Added Sugar or Sweeteners
No Added Fillers
Contains Viable Probiotics
A Blend of 9 Amino Acids


Low levels of lysine can result in poor exercise performance, muscle loss, rough coat and weak hoof structure.                                          


An arginine deficiency might impair the immune response and prolong infection, disease or illness.                                                                  


Supports the production of anabolic hormones and reduces muscle stress and lessens fatigue during exercise.                                                


Increases the horse’s muscle mass and overall performance while decreasing muscle repair time and degeneration.                                    


Helps to maintain blood glucose levels during exercise to increase endurance and reduce early fatigue.                                                          


Promotes muscle growth and tissue repair, increases endurance, and stimulates clotting at wound sites.                                                          


Strengthens cognitive, immune and nervous systems, helping to decrease stress and improve focus.                                                                      


Enhances nutrient absorption and maintains the gut lining to prevent pathogen leakage and systemic infection.                                            


Aids in the growth and repair of damaged tissues, assists in the making og blood cells and helps provide protection to nerve cells.

+ Probiotics

Probiotics help maintain a healthy gut by promoting optimal digestive function and nutrient absorption. A healthy gastrointestinal tract supports the overall performance and well-being of your horse and prevents possible secondary health problems caused by harmful microbes and pathogens.

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