I have a horse that is prone to founder. Is Chaffhaye OK to feed?

Horses that are prone to founder must reduce their starch and sugars. Since Chaffhaye undergoes a fermentation, the sugars and starches are partially used as a food source by the beneficial bacteria doing the fermentation. The beneficial bacteria in essence, take in the sugars and starches as a food source and turn them into a high-quality protein. Chaffhaye Alfalfa is lower in sugars and starches than most commercial feeds which are specifically formulated for horses prone to founder. Further, the fermentation “predigest” the feed so more of the nutrients (including the sugars and starch) are digested in the foregut. This means less spill over into the hindgut where founder problems generally start. So Chaffhaye is a great forage for horses with sugar and starch issues.