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No Added Fillers
No Soy
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Equine Amino Acids + Probiotics

POWER+ is a dietary supplement blend of nine amino acids plus probiotics designed to improve the overall health and fitness of your active horse. All athletic horses undergo rigorous training programs to boost their performance over time. Feeding a daily supplement of high-quality amino acids can speed muscle tissue repair and increase muscle development. With POWER+, your horse will experience increased exercise capacity, quicker recovery after intense workouts and less soreness.

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benefits of power+

  • boosts muscle relief & recovery

  • accelerates soft tissue repair

  • aids digestion & gastric health

  • promotes strong hooves

  • supports bone & joint wellness

  • maintains skin & coat health

  • enhances focus & responsiveness

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9 Amino acids + probiotics


Aids in collagen formation, supports the correct growth in young horses, and enhances hoof growth and strength.


Increases blood flow to muscle tissue, helps improve cardiac function, and boosts immune response.


Supports the production of anabolic hormones and reduces muscle stress and lessens fatigue during exercise.


Increases the horse's muscle mass and overall performance while decreasing muscle repair time and degeneration.


Helps to maintain blood glucose levels during exercise to increase endurance and reduce early fatigue.


Promotes muscle growth and tissue repair, increases endurance, and stimulates clotting at wound sites.


Strengthens cognitive, immune and nervous systems, helping to decrease stress and improve focus.


Enhances nutrient absorption and maintains gut lining to prevent pathogen leakage and systemic infection.


Aids in the growth and repair of damaged tissues, assists in the making of blood cells, and helps provide protection to nerve cells.


Probiotics help maintain a healthy gut by promoting optimal digestive function and nutrient absorption. A healthy gastrointestinal tract supports the overall performance and well-being of your horse and prevents possible secondary health problems caused by harmful microbes and pathogens.


How do I feed Power+?

Feed 1-2 heaping scoops daily per horse as a top dressing. For selective eaters, mix thoroughly with feed.