Will Chaffhaye make my horse “hot” or “jumpy”?

In some situations, “jumpiness” is simply a characteristic of the animal breed. Outside this scenario, the most frequent cause of “jumpiness” is a high amount of starch and sugar in the diet. As discussed earlier, starchy grains pass straight from the small intestine into the fermentation vat of the hindgut, creating digestive disturbances and abnormal behaviors. In contrast, Chaffhaye’s energy is derived from its digestible fiber, fat and protein. Therefore, Chaffhaye is not likely to cause sudden spikes of energy. In addition, Chaffhaye’s fermentation “pre-digests” the forage in the bag and therefore lowers the amount of sugars and starches. This is why Chaffhaye is often used as a buffer against incidence of starch overload and for preventing horses from getting “hot” or “high.”