Stachowski Alpacas - Mantua, OH

I have been purchasing Chaffhaye for my livestock for 5 years. I am a Large Animal Veterinarian and started the Alpaca industry as the first large breeder in 1984. I still feed close to 300 alpacas with 75 crias born each year.

Chaffhaye is great for alpacas! Unlike grain pellets, free choice Chaffhaye is eaten slowly by the herd, allowing even the timid alpacas to get their fair share. As a moist fermented feed, it supports the rumen with good microbes and yeast for optimal health and longevity. This is especially important from a health impact.

I have seen increased milk production from my lactating females, which in turn has supported their crias to grow faster and healthier. This has allowed them to reach weaning weight and maturity earlier than in the past. Especially for our show string juveniles and yearlings, Chaffhaye has demonstrated an incredibly positive impact on fiber and skeletal development.

Chaffhaye can be stored inside or outside, making it convenient to place by each shelter on our large farm. The guaranteed analysis on every bag, unlike hay, gives high quality forage I can count on! Chaffhaye is superior to baled hay whose quality is dependent upon local weather conditions and maturity at cutting time.

I recommend feeding Chaffhaye because there is no waste, no choke, and no digestive colic in my herd. It is cost effective, protein and energy rich, with natural plant fluids containing balanced trace minerals and probiotics the way Mother Nature intended.

Anthony Stachowski, DVM
Stachowski Alpacas, LLC
Mantua, Ohio