Alfalfa seems high in protein. Is Chaffhaye Alfalfa OK for my horse?

Chaffhaye Alfalfa is a high-fiber forage and excellent source of protein. As fed from the bag, it contains 9% protein. The higher digestibility of Chaffhaye makes it especially ideal for young or growing animals, gestating mares, lactating mares, senior horses, working horses, and as well as show and performance animals. Properly fed, the protein levels in Chaffhaye Alfalfa are not a concern for the pleasure horse. Chaffhaye Alfalfa offers a better than average level of digestible and a high level of Total Digestible Nutrition (TDN). A typical maintenance horse of say 1,100 pounds requires a minimum of 656 grams of crude protein each day. At our recommended level of feeding, the horse would receive about 900 grams of crude protein. This would be enough without overloading.