A Level-Headed Horse - Comanche, TX

The Pivotal Power+ 21-Day Challenge worked on my mare!

I felt like Maz needed something extra... she just didn't have as much energy and she was losing her muscle tone. I researched amino acids and searched for a least 2 weeks for the right product before I decided to go with Pivotal Power+ Probiotics.

This product not only delivered results, but it smells amazing! She loves it and she can be pretty picky. I soon noticed a much more level-headed horse and a quicker trigger (fast-twitch muscle reaction) during work, exercise, and competition. I am also really impressed with how the product is bringing her darkness through on such a thick winter coat.

While under the same workout routine and no other change to her diet, Power+ has put bulk and definition back into her muscles and her topline is also filling up. She is on pasture full-time with one flake of alfalfa twice a day and a cup of grain offered to her along with the Power+ amino acid supplement during the 21-Day Challenge.

Thanks for making such a great product!

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